Alert Levels 2


All bus routes will resume as normal as of Monday, 18 May.

Over 90% of students have returned.

Some parents may still opt to keep their children at home during Alert Level 2.  Online learning information and links are still available in the above 'Online learning link' box.

The key principles that we will be emphasizing during Level 2 are to: 

·         reduce the risk of someone getting infected with Covid-19

·         ensure we can identify and contact everyone who does become  infected or may be at risk of being infected

·         Understand that Level 2 is not business as usual for the way the College operates.

We will do this by:

  1. Reducing levels of anxiety
  2. Promoting good hygiene practices
  3. Maintaining physical distancing where practical
  4. Ensuring unwell students and staff stay away from school
  5. Establishing accurate records of people on site in the College. 

1. Wash your hands

2. Keep one arm’s distance from others

3. Stay home if sick

4. School is a safe place to be



At Campion, we will be adopting the recommendations of the New Zealand Secondary Sports’ Council and introducing the following 3 phased approach to returning to College sport.

1.    Get Ready: Plan for the return to training and playing. While sporting codes are putting in place their plans to meet health requirements students can be involved in individual fitness training.

This will go from 18 May to 29 May             (2 weeks).

2.    Prepare to Play: Teams begin pre-season training (including contact training). This is expected to be a four-week period from 25 May but will be confirmed following confirmation of the government's requirements for gatherings. Dates still to be confirmed, subject to government advice.

3.    Play: Competitions begin again.

Dates still to be confirmed, subject to government advice.

Most sporting codes are hoping to resume playing sport as of Saturday 20 June but this will all be subject to government advice.

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