Topic outline

  • Board of Trustee Members

    • Paul Sadler (Elected Parent Rep) (Chairperson)
    • Father Alfonso Dujali (Proprietors Rep) (Parish Priest)
    • Bridget Armstrong (Proprietors Rep)
    • Mark McBreen (Proprietors Rep)
    • Audrey Liti (Proprietors Rep)
    • Vicki Briant (Elected Parent Rep)
    • Dion Neems (Elected Parent Rep)
    • Peter Renshaw (Elected Parent Rep)
    • Gina Holmes (Elected Parent Rep)(Deputy Chairperson)
    • Alleyne Chater (Staff Rep)
    • Hayley Lincoln (Student Rep)
    • Paul McGuinness (Principal)

    Belinda Ledger (BOT Secretary) - 
  • 2021 Meeting Schedule

  • Minutes of meetings

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