Academic Excellence

Campion College is a school with a strong academic focus.

Providing opportunities for young people to genuinely work towards achieving their potential, whatever their talents happen to be, is fundamental to quality Catholic education.

All students in the College are encouraged and supported to strive for educational excellence. In partnership with their parents and the College Learning Mentors, students set challenging yet achievable academic goals.  Learning steps are then put in place to enable each student to reach their goals.

One of the most significant advantages of a Year 7 to 13 College is that it is possible to have long term goals that extend over several years and a coordinated programme can be put in place to systematically work towards achieving these goals.

Students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 measure their academic progress against the NZ Curriculum learning levels. This enables a long term strategy for academic success to be scaffolded from when the student first enters the College.

Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 study towards gaining the National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA). The College philosophy is to encourage and support students to achieve at the Excellence level. Our recent academic results support this emphasis.


High performing senior students are encouraged to enter Scholarship examinations. Scholarship is the highest level of assessment available within the secondary school system. Scholarship Courses follow the NCEA Level 3 curriculum. We provide additional support of one period per week for all Scholarship students.


All students are gifted differently. In instances where students show particular strengths and talents in specific areas of the curriculum they are supported in developing these abilities to their fullest potential.

Support is firstly focussed within the classroom. Extra extension in the Middle School is provided through an enrichment and support programme within the College.

Students in the Senior school have the opportunity of working at multiple academic levels to meet their academic abilities.


Because not all students develop academically at the same rate, we offer a number of programmes that are specifically designed to raise the academic progress of students who find aspects of learning difficult.

In the Middle School there is a priority around raising the achievement levels of students in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Support programmes targeting specific students are in place and further assistance is given through student peer tutors who work with students either in the classroom or on a one-to-one basis outside the classroom.


Academic commitment is recognised through the awarding of the Campion Key for academic attainment in the Middle School or the Campion Medal in the Senior School.

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