Uniform Guidelines

The following guidelines seek to clarify issues relating to uniform and dress standards.


1.      Students' appearance at all times should conform to acceptable standards.  Wearing of the uniform should reflect positively upon the student and the College community.  Clothing is to be kept in a good state of repair.  Oversize clothing is not to be worn.



2.      Non regulation clothing is not to be worn with the College uniform.  This includes travelling to and from school (with the exception of wet weather gear).



3.      JEWELLERY at the College will not be permitted with the exception of small personal items.  The only jewellery allowed is:

·       One stud or sleeper per ear.  No other jewellery is to be worn on the face (i.e. no nose studs, lip studs etc). 

·       One signet ring (unobtrusive). 

·       One plain wrist bracelet.

·       One necklace limited to a cross/crucifix or taonga may be worn.  This is to remain at the discretion of the Management at all times.

·       Make up, fancy hair-clips and nail polish (other than colourless or natural) are not permitted.

·       Head bands must be black or Campion Green in colour.

·       Coloured hair-braiding is not permitted.



4.      HAIR must be clean, tidy and clear of the face.  Unusual variations of hair styles or colours are not permitted.  For clarification this includes colours which would not be seen in a ‘natural’ state and haircuts such as mohawks.  Males are to be clean shaven.  Side burns are not to extend below the ear.  These remain at the discretion of the Management. 



5.      TATTOOS are not permitted.  There may be some consideration given for culturally significant tattoos, and in such circumstances prior approval should be gained from the Principal.



6.      SKIRTS must be of reasonable length.  Front pleated skirts are to be below knee length.



7.      SHOES must be the regulation black leather shoes. Black lace up dress shoes for boys, black leather shoes with one strap across the foot for girls. Canvas or suede shoes are not permitted.  Sports shoes, skate shoes, or sneaker type shoes (except for PE) are not permitted.



8.      T-shirts, cycle pants and other garments worn under the uniform must not be visible.



9.      Underwear must not be visible.



10.    When wearing the College jersey, the jersey length should be below the bottom of the shirt.  The shirt should not be visible below the bottom of the jersey.



11.    All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the owner's name.



12.    All non-uniform articles of clothing will be confiscated.  Students who, for genuine reasons, are unable to wear full regulation uniform, are required to obtain permission from the Deputy Principal.  A loan garment will be issued where possible.  If this is not possible then a permit will be given to such students as long as they provide an explanatory letter signed by their parent/guardian.  The permit should be applied for by going to the office by 8.30 am on the first day the item of non-regulation clothing is worn.  A permit will only allow non-regulation items to be worn for a period of time considered sufficient to overcome the immediate difficulty.



Last modified: Wednesday, 16 December 2015, 12:00 PM