We have exciting times ahead!

The rebuild of over 60% of the College is nearly complete!

Since December 2016, the College has undergone an extensive rebuild.  The old two storey blocks have been demolished and replaced with 21st century learning centers. 

The 15 classroom located in the old blocks have been replaced by 5 new learning centres, each one being able to accommodate up to 85 students and 4 teachers.  Within each learning space there is a seminar room for teacher directed or discussion in groups of 15-30 students.  There are also 'break-out' spaces where students can work quietly in small groups or with individual support.

These new spaces complement the curriculum changes that have been taking place in the College.  We have been implementing a context-based learning programme in years 7 to 10, which focuses on real-world topics that are of high interest to students. Many of these topics are taught by a team of 2 or 3 teachers.  In these situations, students get the benefit of both high interest modules plus the bonus of small group support & extensions from some of the teachers in the team when required. 

The last part of the upgrade is the performing arts centre and we do hope that this will be under taken as a separate project in term 4 of this year.

The positioning of the new learning centres has created an expansive courtyard which will be further developed over the next few years.

The rebuild looks great!




Last modified: Thursday, 24 May 2018, 2:29 PM