We have exciting times ahead!

The old two storey blocks have served the College well but the MacKillop Block and the Marcellin Block were built in 1960 and the Gregory Block was built in 1973. This is an ideal opportunity to reinvest in school facilities that are better suited to the way students learn today.

One of the limitations of being able to provide the type of learning environment that best supports student learning is the way our classrooms are constructed. The traditional secondary school classrooms where one teacher teaches to a class of 25 students is an approach to schooling that was best suited to the way students were taught 50 years ago. Now there is greater emphasis on ensuring that all students are able to learn at their own pace and not at the pace of the class. This encourages students who find the learning easy to go to deep levels in their learning and for other students who find the learning difficult to get more intensive support.

These new innovative learning spaces can accommodate up to 75 students and 4 teachers. There are areas in the space that encourage students to work together on projects, other areas where groups of students can received teacher directed instruction, other areas where small groups can engage in deep discussions with the teacher and spaces where a student can work without distraction on their own.

There are also advantages for teachers where one teacher can focus on a small group of students while others manage the wider group learning. Teachers also have the benefit of learning from each other as they model to their colleagues teaching techniques that have proven highly effective in their teaching practice.

These new flexible learning spaces will further support the curriculum changes that are happening within the College. We are putting in place a learning programme that better supports all learners.  This learning programme includes Impact Projects which allow for more student-led inquiry, where students have more control over their learning, and a stronger focus on their own interests. Students are developing these projects under the supervision and guidance of the teaching staff.

Construction of these new innovative learning spaces is expected to commence in July this year with completion anticipated to take about one year. The first section of the rebuild will take place before any existing buildings are removed. This allows the College to continue to accommodate all students on site without interruption to their current programme.  Below is a plan of the College with the new buildings.  We will keep you up to date with developments as they are confirmed.





Last modified: Monday, 17 October 2016, 3:27 PM