Impact Projects @ Campion

All students from Years 7 to 13 take part in an Impact Project on one day of each week.

Impact Projects encourage students to take control of their learning and to focus on a topic that is of importance to them.  Students work for an extended time investigating a complex issue or problem.
Impact Projects are important because they offer:

Student Choice
Students are able to study topics that are meaningful to them and so they become more engaged in their learning.

Authentic Problems
Students learn about real-world issues.  The projects can help establish links with possible career paths.

Sustainable Inquiry 
Students engage in an extended project.  This enables them to take their learning to a deep level, reflect on what they have learned and use feedback to improve their process.

Community Impact
Students develop a project that has a positive influence on others within our community.

21st Century Skills
Students focus on key skills such as goal setting, self management, problem solving and collaboration.

In an Impact Project the process skills are as important at the content learned.  Research shows that students who study any topic to a deep level acquire learning skills that are transferable to any new situation. Impact Projects are designed to encourage this deep level learning.
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