Zara Potter: Gizzy School lunches

For my first impact project I decided that I was going to donate to a charity called Gizzy School Lunches.


Gizzy School Lunches is a charity organized by a lady called Huia. The lunches are aimed to provide a healthy lunch for children who go to school some days with no lunch.


The way I decided to help was not by helping to make the lunches but to raise money for them to buy the healthy food for the lunches. I set up a ‘Give a Little’ page and so far I have raised $681. I did not want to stop there so alongside Arish Naresh we set up a Bollywood night out.


We had Indian traditional dancing and delicious meals. I also delivered a speech about thanking everyone for coming and supporting an important cause.


I was given a voucher of $750.00 to give to Gizzy School Lunches. For the remainder of my project I am going to continue on my quest to raise more money with end goal of $2,000 in mind.


If you would like to donate to Gizzy School Lunches visit this link to help this worthy cause.


Zara Potter

Year 7 student - Campion College


Last modified: Friday, 26 August 2016, 12:03 PM