Welcome to Campion College

Nau mai, Haere mai, Greetings

The Catholic Church has a long tradition in the field of education. In Gisborne, this tradition spans over 100 years.  

A philosophy of education which focuses on establishing high standards and expectations of achievement for students and staff is the hallmark of authentic Catholic education.

At Campion College we are proud to continue this tradition through our focus on developing the total person.
This focus involves:
    • Christian faith formation
    • The pursuit of academic excellence
    • Growth through leadership
    • Participation in sports and arts
    • A Learning Mentor/Co-ordinator programme to help guide all students
    • A focus on digital learning
    • An emphasis on a safe and supportive school environment 

Campion College is a Year 7 to 13 College.  There are a number of advantages of this type of schooling:

Perhaps the strongest point in favour of Year 7 to 13 schooling is the way the Curriculum is linked from Year 7  through to Year 13. Senior teaching staff who specialise in particular subject areas guide the learning experiences from when students first enter the College so that there is a clear link with the Senior school.

Introducing Year 7 students into a school that includes the secondary school years offers a significant advantage for those students who will progress through the College.

Younger students benefit from the specialist facilities and staff available to them.  Fully resourced science laboratories and modern gymnasium and astroturf courts are an example of this, as is access to specialist careers advisors, a guidance counsellor and academic Learning Co-ordinators for students in Years 7 and 8 and Learning Mentors for students in Years 9 to 13

I invite you to join us in a College that has a warm and cheerful atmosphere, in which students feel secure, are aware of what is expected of them, work hard and are encouraged to develop their God-given talents for the good of all.

Paul McGuinness
Last modified: Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 1:03 PM